Training Services


Intellicon Solutions can provide your Learning administrators and end-users with training and instruction specific to your business processes and internal procedures.

Training Services


Expert training services assure that you recognize maximum business value when upgrading your corporate Learning, Talent and Performance system, or when introducing it to a new group of end users within your company. Custom training, tailored for your specific business environment, is critical to success by ensuring you only receive instruction that meets your unique goals and requirements.

Intellicon Solutions has extensive experience and expertise in developing and delivering custom training around Learning Management Systems (LMS). Intellicon can provide your administrators and users with instruction specific to your business processes and learning procedures. Expert and focused training enables your administrators and users to effectively implement, administer and utilize the LMS system. This will increase your readiness at go-live, and maximize post-go-live productivity and back-office efficiency.

Intellicon will work with you and your organization to develop customized job aids and a training plan that is tailored to your process flows and the roles within your organization. Intellicon will then develop the courseware specific to your needs and prepare your own instructors to deliver this training, or deliver it directly via our own skilled trainers. This facilitates the application of knowledge to the job and more effectively manages change.


Fully Customized

In contrast to generic vendor-supplied training that often misses the mark or is irrelevant to your business, Intellicon provides customized training tailored to your unique roles, workflows and business environment.

Job Aid Based

Intellicon training is based on job aids that support on-the-job performance via defined process flows and documented tasks.


Intellicon designs training as brief, task-specific, and highly interactive modules ideal for synchronous online “virtual classroom” delivery.