Content Related Services


Intellicon Solutions provides cost-effective custom Learning instructional design, content development and content issue resolution services.

Content Related Services


Intellicon's connected network of Learning instructional designers, technical writers, curriculum and content developers and trainers are skilled in all aspects of creating, testing and delivering professional, engaging and highly effective custom content. Our content experts can provide complete curriculum planning and instructional design services through the development of the content media and training materials to the final training delivery. If your subject matter experts have the specific course requirements already defined, then our content developers will work with your experts and from their specifications to create the learning content in the format you desire.

Intellicon Solutions is in the unique position to also offer specific services around content interoperability and issue resolution with your Learning system. Our technical content experts are intimately familiar with content standards and content communications protocols and can help you test, validate, fix, deliver, and track standardized (SCORM, AICC) and proprietary learning content in a multitude of technical environments.

Example Services


  • - Instructional Design and Development
  • - Content Creation using Industry-Standard Tools
  • - SCORM/AICC Expertise
  • - Content Authoring Tool Recommendations and Training
  • - Learning Content Testing and Issue Resolution
  • - Content Connector Integration and Customization
  • - Installation and Support of Content Servers
  • - Learning Content Management System (LCMS) Implementation and Support